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Custom Fitting

Expert advice from PGA Professionals

EU Golfstore

We offer a number of levels of club customisation. If you know your specifications and have been recently fitted/measured you may obviously order directly from us without any consultation. However, even if this is the case, we would prefer to discuss your custom options with you before you order. We have qualified PGA professionals who have received advanced brand-specific fitting training available to talk to you by telephone and email.

In Store Fitting

Our custom fitting centres in Greystones, Co Wicklow are equipped with the latest fitting equipment and technology. If you are close enough to visit, we have demo carts and fitting equipment from all the leading brands to ensure you find the the right clubs for your game.

Custom Fitting Process

EU Golfstore

Our fitter will ask for some background and your goals as a player whilst you hit some warm up shots with your own clubs and your favoured brand of ball. Obviously, your own clubs are not necessary if you are a beginner. When you are comfortable and warmed up, the fitter will measure your shots with Trackman. This will give him a baseline of how you hit the ball. As part of the process, the lTrackman readings and their relevance will be explained to you. The following elements of your swing and shotmaking are measured:

  • Swing path
  • Clubhead speed
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Angle of descent
  • Clubface angle
  • Side spin

EU Golfstore

With your normal posture and stance, our fitter will also measure you for length, lie angle and grip size. Combining these measurements with the data from the launch monitor, the fitter can match a shaft and head type to suit your game. It is at this stage of the process that fitter's knowledge and expertise will be evident. By hitting shots using head and shaft configurations tailored to your swing, you should be able to see the ball flight and shot pattern improvements on the launch monitor display.

  • A custom fit session is not a lesson - you should swing in your normal fashion and our fitter will tailor clubs to your game.
  • After your fitting, you will receive a print out of all the mesurements with no obligation to buy.
  • To ensure that you are seen promptly, you should contact us by phone or email to make an appointment for your custom fitting.
  • Some customers tend to favour a particular brand - don't be surprised however if this is not the brand that performs best for you! We are independent and have no brand allegiance - we will just suggest the clubs to suit your game.
  • The whole process should take around 45 minutes and costs €30. This is refundable if a purchase is made within 30 days.